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Hi guys. I am ClaireBear, I am almost 33 and I live in the United Kingdom. You can find me for general chat, well all over the place to be honest, but my main chat rooms are #Sadie's_Shack and #ECNet, #Sadie's_Shack being a nice chatroom for people, while #ECNet is a bit more help-related.

I am known as 'the nice one' so I guess if you need help them feel free to come to me. I am not the technical wizard that the other ircops are but if I can help you out with anything then I will.

I'll tell ya a little more about me personally. I am 32 I am disabled. I am retired from banking on medical grounds. I live with sadie my dog (15yrs) Rosa who was my mom's dog, she is a little sensative soul. She's 3 years old and she was brought to me with a bigger wardrobe than I've got!!!! and my 3 black kitties, (Thomas (5yrs), Toby (4yrs), and Bindi (1 yr)), and I believe black cats bring you good luck.

I like rock music, going to gigs, spending time with my pets, watching movies and chatting online which I do 7 nights a week for hour after hour.

Anyhow nice to meet your aquaintance and if you need me just holler!

Go Me !!!!!

Clairebear and Sadiedog (woof!)