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ENTJ Channel

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The #ENTJ Channel[edit]

This chat room is meant for people with the ENTJ personality type or those interested in conversing with ENTJs. The channel was created in January 2009, and is still in growth stages. It is still somewhat quiet right now, but will hopefully become more boisterous in the future! The channel seeks regular visitors and people interested in becoming ops. So stop by, and bring your friends.

About ENTJs[edit]

The term ENTJ stands for Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging. For more information about this personality type, there are several informative websites that include the Keirsey "Field Marshal" ENTJ page [1], Type Logic ENTJ page [2], or the ENTJ Personality Page [3].

Not sure if you fit this personality profile? You can check out the free 72-question MBTI/Jung-related test from Human Metrics [4] or the free Jung-related tests from Similar Minds [5].


Hope to see you in #ENTJ!