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The #Genealogy Channel[edit]

Welcome! #genealogy is a chat room for both new beginners and experienced genealogists who want to learn about family trees and share resources. This channel was started in 2009 by mollie, who has many years of genealogy experience both as a hobby and professionally.

Content & Topics[edit]

Feel free to strike up a conversation on whatever interests you. Topics to discuss can include how and when you got interested in genealogy, sharing favorite resources for researching surnames and locations, discussing the pros and cons of assorted genealogy programs, and sharing stories about the exciting breakthroughs and most frustrating brick walls.


Please keep all language and topics suitable for all ages. Keep all information discussed about our members private, since we may discuss personally identifying information about ourselves and our families. Be aware of what you are discussing publicly and take caution not to reveal too much until you're comfortable with everyone in the chat room. Remember not to reveal anything too private about anyone who is still alive, especially social security numbers.