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The correct title of this article is xmoogle. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions. Silly MediaWiki.

I'm Marianne! And I.... do stuff! Like running one of the ECNet servers, running Laser Chat, and idling lots, although saying my nick can often wake me up. I'm also English, wanting to move to Australia, and I'm 24 at last edit of this page, though by the time anyone reads this I'll probably be 40, this really isn't an interesting page. I'm also a big geek with Unixy stuff, I love Debian GNU/Linux and it's derivatives, and FreeBSD. I know a bit of Windows stuff but dislike it. So I'm yet another person that can be pestered about geeky stuff. Yay! I also edit stuff on this wiki a bit. Prettifying things is fun!

Green globe.png And yes, the greenified wiki and logo are my fault.
Sorry to people who don't like green! But I think it looks good, and we don't want to look like every other Mediawiki wiki out there hehehe...