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Hey, my name is Chris Sorrells, better known around the network under my secret-agent code name, Aristeo. I'm one of the network operators working for Epicenter, currently focusing on network growth with ClaireBear and network infrastructure development with Heero. I'm also the administrator of the Euphoria server, which isn't as impressive as it sounds and unfortunately doesn't pay any better.

Statement of principles

These principles outline what I believe is vital to the long-term success of our network. Keep in mind that these are not the official policies of the network, these are my personal beliefs on how our network should continue to run in a fundamental sense. As long as I have a vote on how the network is strategically run, my vote will ultimately be based on these principles.

  • Channel owners should be in full control over their channels. Epicenter will always be the legal owner of the channels on it so that channel owners can't sue if we do something to their channels. However, Epicenter should continue to allow channel founders the right to manage their channels without interference, unless that interference is necessary to the stability of the network, the safety of our users, or if the founder says it's okay.
  • Elitism should be considered a frailty for members of the staff. We need to continue to reject users who seek IRC operator permissions for an ego-boost. Users who consider themselves better than others because of their status should not be placed into positions of authority.
  • The quality of our staff should always come before the quality of our servers. We should never accept new servers, no matter how fast or dependable they are, unless they are administered by someone who meets our standards for a server admin. A server administrator's reliability is just as, if not, more important to the stability of the network than the reliability of the server he/she is proposing.
  • The success of Epicenter to this day relies mainly on our customer service skills. When people come to us with a problem, we must continue to show them respect and handle their problem to the best of our ability. We should never stick up our noses to people who need our help, especially since it's our job to help people on the network.
  • Newcomers are vital to the long-term health of our network, and therefore should always be welcomed. Regular users should continue to set a good example and show newcomers how friendly and supportive our network is. We want to reject a hierarchy of control that implies regular users are superior to newcomers or newcomers are burdensome to the network.
  • Imagine a place where people from all over the world could chat with each other in a real time environment that's both easy to use and functional to each person's needs — That is our mission.

Network to-do list

ECNet is a great network with a lot of potential. We have a lot of diverse skill in our network staff, including skill in customer service, we have excellent programmers and network administrators (the traditional term, not the access level), and we have an awesome user base full of wonderful (and not so wonderful) people. We have the potential to be one of the most popular and one of the best networks on the internet.

As wonderful as our network is, there are still a few unfortunate little quirks with it that we need to iron out before we announce ourselves to the world. (Yes, blasphemy, madness even, I know what you might be thinking, just hear me out.) A couple of these problems won't be easy to fix, and it sure is a whole lot easier to write them down than it will be to get our hands dirty and figure our what we need to do.

  • Ironically, this list also needs to be completed.

Personal to-do list

  • Izabella needs to be trained up to global ircop-level. (I hate the word "trained", it sounds so patronizing, like we're doing dog training or something. A thousand points to whoever finds a better word.) Trained! She can sit, roll over, and play dead! Yay!
  • The infrastructure and organization of the wiki, the new policy and procedures pages, and other similar things need to be written. Some of the pages include:
    • Opers Guide – This is horribly outdated.
    • Rules – A good page, but I've gotten some complaints that it's too long a read.
    • New Users Guide – Needs to be finished
  • I probably should be actually doing some of this stuff instead of writing about doing this stuff or having more ideas and putting more stuff on the list. (50 points deducted from Euphoria)

Contacting me

On the network, or by e-mail at

See also

  • /Sandbox – Where I keep my sand until it's ready to be glass.