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I'm Chris Sorrells, better known around the network by my secret-agent codename Aristeo. I joined the Epicenter network on August 2007, after being invited to join ClaireBear's channel, #sadie's_shack. I'm currently an IRC operator for ECNet, the server administrator for the Euphoria server, and on a couple of network committees.

On a personal note, I'm seventeen-years-old, currently living in northern Alabama. I'm a student pilot and a volunteer soccer referee, only a few tests away from getting my private pilot's license and a fitness test from being an AYSO Advanced Referee.

What I'm doing

  • /Big list of spam – Where I keep links of sites that spam on the wiki long enough to put them on the spam-blacklist
  • /Ideas – Where I keep all of my good ideas and my not-so-good ones too
  • /Network to-do list – Things we all need to do
  • /Sandbox – Where I keep my sand until it's ready to be glass.
  • /To-do list – Where I talk about the things I need to do instead of actually doing them
  • Special:Allpages/Aristeo – In case I forgot something, here's a list of all the pages subordinate to this one

Rants and musings


If you'd like to get in touch with me, you should either come onto the IRC network and /whois Aristeo to see where I am, or

Other stuff

  • There is no other stuff.