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Channel modes

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Requires Half-Operator[edit]

Mode Effect
b <nick!ident@host> Prevents anyone matching the pattern from entering the channel
e <nick!ident@host> Allows anyone matching the pattern to override a ban (+b) that would have prevented them from entering the channel otherwise
I <nick!ident@host> Allows anyone matching the pattern to join a channel when it's invite-only (+i) without needing to be invited first
i A user must be invited to join the channel.
k <key> Users must specify the <key> to join (/join #channel <key>)
m Moderated channel, only voiced users and (half)operators may speak
n Users outside the channel may not speak in the channel by sending it messages
t Only (half)operators can change the topic
v <nickname> Gives voice status to the user.

Requires Operator[edit]

Mode Effect
c Block messages containing mIRC color codes
f <floodparams> Flood protection (for more info see /HELPOP CHMODEF)
h <nickname> Gives half-op status to the user.
j <joins:sec> Throttle joins per-user to 'joins' per 'sec' seconds
l <number> Channel may hold at most <number> of users
o <nickname> Gives operator status to the user.
p Private channel
s Secret channel
z Only Clients on a Secure Connection (SSL) can join
C No CTCPs allowed in the channel
G Filters out all Bad words in messages with <censored>
M Must be using a registered nick (+r), or have voice access to talk
K /KNOCK is not allowed
N No Nickname changes are permitted in the channel
Q No kicks allowed
R Only registered (+r) users may join the channel
S Strips mIRC color codes
T No NOTICEs allowed in the channel
V /INVITE is not allowed

Requires Founder[edit]

Mode Effect
a <nickname> Gives protection status to the user.
L <#channel> When the channel is full (+l), newcomers will be redirected to <#channel>
u Auditorium mode, /names and /who #channel will only show channel operators

Special Modes[edit]

Mode Effect
r Marks a channel as being registered with ChanServ. Can only be set through services.
q <nickname> Gives founder status to the user. Can only be set through services.
A Only server/network administrators can join the channel. Can be set by admins.
O Only network operators can join the channel. Can be set by network operators.


  • Network operators can use OperServ to change the modes of a channel. Some network operators can use "oper override" to set and unset modes using the same command as a channel operator.

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