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Enforcement policy

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Channel Violations[edit]

The network staff does not get involved in channel matters except when necessary to enforce the network rules. Therefore, network operators should be considered no different from normal users, and may be kicked, muted, banned, or even appointed into a channel staff at the discretion of the channel's owner. If a network operator uses his powers to overstep his authority, please contact the oper abuse committee as soon as possible.

Network Violations[edit]

Violations of these network rules will be dealt with by the network staff. Penalties will be based on whether a user's actions were intentional or negligent, whether or not the user was warned against similar behavior or other prohibited behaviors in the past, and how the behavior affected other users and the network. Typical penalties include formal warnings, restrictions on network use, or a ban from the network.

Keep in mind that these penalties are used to prevent the disruption of our network, not to punish users.