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Network Information

Secure IRC: 6697
Founded: Jan 2005
IRCd: UnrealIRCd
Services: Anope

Getting Started

User Information

IRC is a very complex and powerful chat system. IRC is based on the concept of servers which are connected to form a network. People connect to these networks, all of which have different aims and goals. Some networks are designed for specific purposes, some networks are around for specific topics, others seem to cover everything. Our network's goal is to provide a great chat experience to anyone who should visit, to pioneer service to the users on a personal level and on a technical level. As part of this, we have written this document which will help you connect and understand the basics of IRCing.

Before you learn how to connect to our network, you must first learn the basics of IRC. Once on an IRC server or network, you have something called a "nick" standing for nickname. This nick is important as it is your identifier. On our network you may register your nickname so that no one else may use it. Using this nick, you may join things called "channels" with the join command. Channels are by convention always prefixed with a # sign. These channels are groups of people who are speaking, generally, about one topic, though they often go off-topic. To leave a channel you use the part command. You may be in up to ten of these channels at any one time. To get a list of these channels you can use a command called, aptly, list. You may also send private message which no one but yourself and your target user may read (and no, on our network it is absolutely impossible for IRC operators to read your messages.). To do this, you use the msg command.

To issue a command, type /cmdname <parameter1, parameter2...parameters N>. The parameter is whatever you are going to join, send a message to, etc. The '<>' simply mean there may or may not be N number of parameters for a command. There are some examples below.

Join the channel #foo: /join #foo
List all channels: /list
Change nick to foobar: /nick foobar
Parts the channels #foo and #bar /part #foo, #bar
Message user bar: /msg bar Hey man, how's it going?

Within IRC there is a need for people who have more power than others so that they may maintain order on the network and make sure that people don't abuse it. These people are known are IRC operators, henceforth known by the shorthand IRCop. IRCops have varying powers based on what their server's admin has given them. On some networks, these operators bicker and fight, though on our network this rarely happens. In following with our goal to help users, IRCops on our server are appointed not only on technical ability but on personality. One can teach anyone the technical details of IRC, but one cannot teach personality. In the case you should have any problems while on IRC, you should contact these people and ask for help. There are some things IRC operators cannot do because of the possibility for people to use us to hurt others, but whenever they can they will try to help you. You can find IRCops around #ecnet usually.

Finally, how to connect to IRC. To connect, you simply set the server you're using to, port 6667. Your client should do the rest. Once again, please do not hesitate to join #ecnet and ask questions if you have any problems whatsoever.

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Meet the Opers

Network operators






Lead network administrator

Server administrators


  • Director of Arbitration - Aven


Infrastructure committee

Official Channels

  • #ecnet -- Official network channel for general chat and any support you may need.
  • #intuitive -- This is a site based on and run for people of the iNtuitive persuasion, one of the eight preferences of the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator.
  • #laserchat -- Official channel for the Laser Chat website, for laser hobbyists.
  • #mipoio y #trivia -- ¡Se Habla Español!
  • #sadie's_shack -- Chat room with the intention of bringing disabled people together from all over the world.
  • #starlight -- Chat for teens and youngsters.