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INTP Channel

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The #intp channel

Mean channel meant for people with the INTP personality [other types accepted under their own risk] existing in ECNet, linked to [1] but in no way under its jurisdiction.

Current Channel Operators

[In alphabetical order]

  • Aven
  • Infy [currently LOA]
  • Heero
  • Manzanita
  • Methofelis
  • Mollie
  • Rhu
  • Robin


  • Underage people - no sex talk
  • Above age people - no sex talk about underage people
  • No spamming
  • No trolling [This includes excessive nick changing, the limit is 5 nicks in this channel]

* We deserve the right to modify and change these rules as we see fit in regards to a particular situation, this means if you have been banned without a warning first it was because you were past being warned. Note: USE your common sense please.

If you violate any of those rules in an operator's opinion, they will give you a verbal warning in the channel or privately, you are responsible for stopping at that point. If you fail to stop after a warning or react by screaming, yelling, flailing, or any other inappropriate conduct you will be banned. If you don't understand what you were doing, you should private message the operator by saying "/query nickhere" replacing nickhere with their name, and talk to them about it. Failure to stop your abusive activity after a warning will result in a temporary ban, usually one day. Once you return, all is forgiven as long as you abide by rules. Continued abuse will result in perm ban.


Si solo hablas Español, tenemos el derecho de prohibirte la entrada, en esta sala hablamos Inglés.


  • #intp photo album: [2]
  • #intp Facebook group: [3]