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INTP Channel

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The #intp channel

This channel was created with people of the INTP personality in mind (however, we are not affiliated with MBTI neither do we claim to be).

As such it quickly snowballed into what some people have insulted, praised, and laughed at (and with!) over the years. It is important to note that we are not a personality channel and personality type is not our only topic of discussion.

Other personality types are welcome to join the discussions, keep in mind the intps' inherent personality makes this channel unique and at times, not too serious.

Even so, please read our rules before you join, stay a while and introduce yourself and decide whether the channel is a good fit for you.

Not all channels are a good fit for everyone, this is OK, you can find another one in the vast sea of channels provided by ECNet :).

We are linked to [1] but in no way under its jurisdiction.

Current Channel Operators

[In alphabetical order]

  • Aven
  • Heero
  • Joshe
  • Methofelis
  • Mollie
  • Rhu
  • Robin


  • Underage people - no sex talk
  • Above age people - no sex talk about underage people
  • No spamming
  • No trolling [This includes excessive nick changing, the limit is 5 nicks in this channel, however, it can be less due to excessive warnings]

* We deserve the right to modify and change these rules as we see fit in regards to a particular situation, this means if you have been banned without a warning first it was because your actions warranted the skipping of the warning. Note: USE your common sense please. If you violate any of those rules in an operator's opinion:

- They will give you a verbal warning in the channel or privately, you are responsible for stopping at that point.

If you fail to stop after a warning or react by: screaming, yelling, flailing, or any other inappropriate conduct you will be banned.

If you don't understand what you were doing, you should private message the operator by saying "/query nickhere" replacing nickhere with their name, and talk to them about it.

Failure to stop your abusive activity after a warning will result in a temporary ban, usually one day, but it depends on your situation and on the operator's number of warnings and/or discretion.

Once you return, all is forgiven as long as you abide by rules. Continued abuse will result in permanent ban.

Realize that by using the network and joining the channel you are accepting these rules; so please take a little bit of time and effort to abide by them.


Si solo hablas Español y no hablas Inglés, te pedimos que por favor te retires de la sala/channel por el beneficio de nuestros usuarios. Hay otros channels/salas donde se habla Español :) .


  • #intp photo album: [2]