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Linking policy

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To apply for a link, fill out the following information and email it to Realize that even if your application is deemed acceptable, the infrastructure committee will wish to speak to you to be sure of your reasons for hosting a server as well as your capacities as an administrator. This is not an insult to anyone's intelligence, but rather simply another step for your and our protection. If you have any questions about this application or wish to speak with a representative of the infrastructure team directly instead of via application, join #ecnet and ask for a member of the infrastructure team.

  • Your Name
  • Server's Address
  • Do you have root on the server
  • Do you own the server
  • If no, then how do you have access
  • Server's Connection Speed
  • Server's Ram
  • Server's CPU
  • Experience with IRC
  • Have you read our policies and agree to abide by them