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====Linked roles====
====Linked roles====
* '''Enablers''' – There are two kinds of enablers: a ''police chief'' and a ''hospital head of staff''. If the police chief dies, then none of the cops can investigate, and if the hospital head of staff dies, then none of the doctors can protect.
* '''Enablers''' –
* '''Backup''' – There are two types of backups: a ''deputy'' and a ''nurse''. A deputy can investigate after the cops die and a nurse can protect after the doctors die.
* '''Backup''' –
* '''Lyncher/Lynchee''' – The lyncher is a third-party player who's goal is to get a specific player lynched. If the lynchee is killed during the night or if the lyncher is killed before he can get to the lynchee, the lyncher loses. The lynchee is just a regular townsperson throughout the game. If the lyncher manages to get the lynchee lynched, then the lyncher wins and is typically removed from play until the end of the game.
* '''Lyncher/Lynchee''' –
* '''Siblings''' – The siblings consist of one pro-town player and one pro-mafia player. If one dies, then the other commits suicide the following night.
* '''Siblings''' –
* '''Lovers''' – The lovers consist of one pro-town player and one pro-mafia player. They can win if the game ends with both of them alive. If one of them dies, the other must commit suicide the following night, and at that point can only win if their respective side wins.
* '''Lovers''' –

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