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Welcome to the ECNet Wiki!

The Epicenter Network, or ECNet, is an IRC chatroom network that provides quick and reliable servers from around the world for everyone, free of charge and advertisement. We have several unique, active communities who use our network for you to visit, as well as plenty of room for you to start your own chat community.

Latest News

June 2018

The Aven Reign

This wiki is under construction. If you have any questions please go to #ecnet.

February 2011

We're back!!

The wiki is back in action. Feel free to get all nostalgic looking at old content and lets build onto the old and add some new!


Anonymous Edits

Due to repeated spamming problems, anonymous edits have been disabled. If you want to make a change to the wiki, please register for an account. This is very easy to do, you don't even need an email address (recommended though, for password recovery). We know this is an unfortunate barrier to collaboration, but registration is quick and easy. We hope you'll join us!


Services integration

We're proud to announce the launching of our services integration project. Services integration permits you to use and manage NickServ and ChanServ registered entities online. This includes manging your registered nicknames as well as editing channels. This project is ongoing and will take several weeks to finish, however we have opened it for the public starting today.

New ECNet website

After almost three years of having the same design we have finally moved to a new website. This new web portal is the first of many changes in ECNet. We have decided to add many new features, so look forward in the future to hearing about all that is new and juicy! Here are just a few of the new features planned

  • An interactive member portal to register nicknames, channels, and edit them.
  • A new website with interactivity that makes it easier to report problems to us
  • New tools for IRC operators

Our Community
  • Bylaws – The policies that specify the rights and responsibilities of the ECNet staff
  • Rules – The acceptable use policy for the network
  • Staff – The network operators that help keep everything running smoothly
  • Organizational Units – Descriptions of the different groups and people that manage the administration of the network
Our Network
  • Channel Operators – Information about what channel operators do as well as some resources for the channel operators
  • Channel Modes – Different channel modes avaliable on ECNet that you can use to customize your channels
  • Commands - A list of commands
  • FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions about IRC in general
  • Network Operators – Information about the powers and responsibilities of network operators as well as some resources for the network operators
  • Servers - Descriptions of servers used by ECNet.
  • Technology - Some of the various technologies in use on the ECNet network
  • User Modes – The different settings and flags that can be placed on yourself
Our Services
  • Services - An overview of the various services offered by ECNet
  • BotServ - About the service that allows you to place pre-made bots on your channel
  • ChanServ - About the service that prevents malicious users from taking over channels
  • HelpServ - About the service designed to give about information about the services
  • HostServ - About the service that allows users to have their own virtual host
  • NickServ - About the service that allows users to register nicknames and prevent other users from using them
  • OperServ - About the network operator service

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