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Operator abuse committee

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The oper abuse team was a former committee that investigated reported misuse or abuse of network operator authority. The lead network administrator appointed a chairperson for the team, who acted as its representative and director and can appoint team members to assist. The committee was disbanded on April 2008 to merge it's functions into the appeals committee to form the current arbitration committee. At the time of the committee's disbandment, ClaireBear was the committee's chairperson, and Aristeo was the sole member of the committee.


The following was the charter issued by the general consortium to form the committee

A team dedicated to looking at abuse of IRC operator authority. The team chair is appointed and dismissed by the lead network administrator. The chair of this team may appoint whomever is willing to this team. The chair may order investigations into reported operator power abuse. Once these investigations have been completed, the team votes whether or not the incident should require disciplinary action or if it was not operator abuse or too minor to be concerned with. In this vote majority rules, and the results will usually follow the following scheme, though at the discretion of the chair they may vary. On first offense, warning and censure with a required apology to the user suffice. On the second offense, the team chair will take it up with the admin of the operator in question and ask for a temporary o:line revocation as well as censure. On the third offense there is no option, a two week o:line revocation is mandatory. On the fourth offense it is at the chairs discretion as to what actions should be taken, up to a full o:line revocation. Operators and users should be warned, lying to an abuse team member when being questioned during an investigation is considered perjury, and will result in a 30 day ban or removal of operator privileges. To submit an incident, email