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This is just a draft

Core philosophy


User conduct

  • Ban evasion, or attempting to bypass a ban set by a channel, a server, or the network
  • Engaging in illegal activities
  • Falsely claiming to be a network operator
  • Flooding and denial of service attacks
  • Ignore evasion, or intentionally evading an ignore mask set upon you by another user
  • Indiscriminately sending disruptive messages to multiple channels or users (spamming)
  • Harassment, which is repetitive, offensive behavior towards one or more users
  • Releasing personally identifiable information of others without permission or of anyone under the age of 13
  • Allowing your bots or scripts to break one of the rules above

Staff conduct

Channel policy

Users may create and register any type of channel on ECNet for any reason that conforms to these rules. Channel owners, the users who register the channels, have full authority over their channels and may appoint users to assist them in managing their channel as they sees fit. Channel owners and their operators may give or remove a user's access to a channel at their discretion.

Channel owners may choose what types of behavior is allowed and disallowed in their channels as they see fit. However, if a channel allows adult-only content, such as exchanging pornographic links or having cyber-sex, the channel must have a clear warning in the topic noting that it is for adults only.

Bots and scripts

Users may run bots and scripts for any reason that conforms with these rules, as long as their scripts and bots do not adversely affect other users or the network. Any user who runs a bot or script is held accountable for what that script does, and therefore should not run any unknown script without first ensuring that it does what it is supposed to do.

No more than three bots may be run at a time, but exceptions may be given at the discretion of a network operator.

Banned bots and scripts

The following bots and scripts may not be used without the approval of a network operator.

  • MuErTe ScRiPt
  • BioHazard Script
  • CentralFLU
  • XDCC

Linking policy

Other policies