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Realm of madness

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The realm of madness, located at #realm-of-madness, is a medieval free-form role-playing channel.


Violet guard[edit]

The violet guard is the name of the legion in the realm of madness.


Native name Common name Number of guards Rank of commander Common rank
Dimension Theater 1,000,000+ Dementor General
Division Field army 500,000+ Divintor Lieutenant general
Concept Corps 50,000 – 60,000 Conspector Major general
Aspect Brigadier 3,000 – 5,000 Aspector Brigadier general
Shade Battalion 400 – 1,000 Shadatic Colonel
Attribute Company 100 – 200 Attaptic Captain
Construct Platoon 30 – 50 Constric Lieutenant
Feature Squad 8 – 15 Feturic Corporal
  • A dimension always consists of two divisions, one in Dementia and one in Euphoria.
  • High-ranking officer ranks end in -tor, petty officer ranks end in -tic or -ric
  • Non-officers are called "bulwarks" or "point bulwarks"