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This page is for writing amendments to the network rules. This page has no bearing upon the official rules of the network, regardless of what any of the rules say below.

The following constitutes the general rules for using the ECNet Network. Please note that IRC Operators reserve the right to remove a user's access at any time. Users may appeal by going to this page. Please include details.

ECNet shall not be held legally responsible for what the users choose to do while utilizing the network. By signing onto any ECNet server, the users automatically assume any and all legal responsibility for their actions.

IRC is a privilege - NOT a right. IRC is not a democracy. IRC is classified as a "privately owned service" - therefore, the First Amendment does not apply. Whilst we encourage free speech, we do not condone speech or actions which harm, harass, or offend other users.

KEY: Network Channel = Channel owned by ECNet Networks

Swearing and Vulgarity

Swearing and vulgarity are not allowed in Network Channels. This is enforced through use of channel mode +G (G-rated). You can do as you please, in your own channels. This network is of mixed ages. Please keep this in mind.


This network permits adult-only channels but they must be hidden from the general channel list through use of channel mode +p or +s. Channels created for the explicit advertisement or trading of pornography will NOT be permitted (see our guideline on ADVERTISING). Anyone caught attempting to engage in cybersex with minors, or attempting to peddle child pornography will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

There will be absolutely no mention, trading of, or advertising of pornography in Network Channels. This includes advertising the adult-only channels present on the network. You can notify people privately, or advertise on your own website.


ECNet does not support or promote the use of illegal drugs. Illegal drug talk shall be confined to that of prevention or recovery, ONLY. Any other talk of the sale or use of illegal drugs is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. Offenders will be banned, on the spot, without warning.


Repetitive advertising of channels, websites or anything else (also known as "spamming") is strictly prohibited. Advertising another IRC network or hosting service will earn the perpetrator a ban. We don't advertise them on other such services so do not feel we should allow anyone else to do so here.

Illegal Items

Warez is considered to be any file which violates copyright or which is illegally obtained (pirated) software. Trading of warez is strictly prohibited without exception. We cannot take the risk that such files might be infected by viruses, trojans or internet worms. If you are caught trading warez on ECNet, you will be issued a short-term ban. If the behaviour is repeated, a permanent ban. We don't advertise them on other such services so do not feel we should allow anyone else to do so here.

Cracking, Carding, Phishing, DoSsing and other such illegal and invasive procedures are not permitted, here. Discussion of how to avoid them is allowed. The trading any utilties meant to aide in these activities will earn a permament ban and a report to law enforcement.

File serving

File serving IS allowed, but with the following exceptions: No trading of warez or files whose intention is to transmit viruses, trojans, internet worms or other methods of depriving users of the use of their computer system(s). Users are advised to have adequate Firewall and Anti Virus protection on their systems if they are going to take part in this type of activity. Cloning. Each user is allowed one connection and two clone connections at any one time. Any attempt at further clones will generate an auto-ban by the network software.


Don't do it. Period. Violators will find themselves banned. Please note that we reserve the right to remove ANYONE at ANYTIME without a stated reason. Should you have problems, please write to