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Runedude was formerly an administrator of two servers on ECNet, Pegasus and Griffin, until a number of abuses of his power resulted in his being punished severely and eventually delinked. After this, he continued being an active and contributing member of ECNet throughout his punishment until he finally began avoiding ignores and bans, which led to him being stripped of all authority and rights, and finally being banned indefinitely by order of lead network administrator Heero.

Below are the original contents of this page, written by Runedude prior to his being banned from ECNet.

Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy aka runedude and I am 16 years old, living in Maryland, USA. I have been using IRC for years and I'm glad to help out with ECNet because it's a great network. I run and which are both in a temporary delink. I'm very easy to talk to so please let me know if you need anything!