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Server administrators

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Server administrators are the people who are in charge of the individual servers connected to the network. Each server has one server administrator, who is in charge of the network operators on their servers.

Rights and responsibilities

  • Administrators should keep their server's connection to the network as stable as possible and make sure that their server is up-to-date and secure.
  • Administrators can set the name of their server, its /motd messages, and local server rules that don't conflict with the network rules.
  • Administrators should represent their server in the general consortium. Each administrator has one vote.
  • Administrators can appoint network operators to help them manage their server and the network.
  • Administrators are responsible for the actions of the network operators they select, and must ensure that they're well-trained and know what's required of them.
  • Administrators are responsible for keeping the other administrators aware of any problems and changes with their server's staff.
  • Administrators can have a backup o:line on the main server, which lets them still have operator status somewhere even if their server goes down.

Server rules

Administrators can set rules for their server as they see necessary as long as those rules are reasonable and don't interfere with network rules. The following rules should never be set on any server:

  • Any rules that limits the freedom of speech, except for reasonable rules against illegal speech
  • Any rules that let network operators kill or ban people randomly or without any reason
  • Any rules that are detrimental to the network or discriminatory against users