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User Sanctions

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This article is a list of users who are being watched for malicious behavior, have had sanctions placed on them for such behavior, or have been declared banned from connecting to the network.

Being Watched

Users are formally under watch when several trustworthy sources claim that the user in question has been breaking network rules or when they've broken rules in the past but aren't under any sanctions.

  • LadyHela – Several reported instances of harassment towards users in roleplaying channels, including a report that LadyHela threatened to "come after" a user.

Under Sanctions

Users under sanctions have broken network rules and have restricted access to the network because of it.

  • Maikeru and Mtirv – Caused several problems in the past and previously g-lined for over two years, but was conditionally allowed back on the network. Neither user may create a channel or use a different variation of their nicks.

Declared Banned

Users who have been declared banned from the network are not only technically prevented from accessing the network, but have been declared banned by a rough consensus of operators or another authoritative source.

  • HULTOR_ – Flooding the network on repeat occasions, targeting #mipoio or the network in general.