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User Sanctions

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Dealing with banned users

Users in these lists are not all banned, but they are all at least being watched. This does not mean we follow them around, but rather we're careful and if we get complaints, we weight their past. When adding a user, put their name in bold, describe the infraction. If authorized, state the penalty that should be enacted.

The three categories for users are On Notice, users who are hereby put on notice we're watching them, Dead To Us, users who have been unbanned but who are frequent abusers, they are not tame enough for On Notice, and Never Existed To Us, users who have abused so much they are banned until further notice agressively. This means that if you see a user on the Never Existed To Us list, ban them immediately.

Banned Users List

On Notice

PokerKid - Reported as sending lewd and obscene content, if you find evidence of him evading /ignores, G:line is authorized.

Dead To Us

Never Existed To Us