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User Sanctions

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Dealing with banned users

Users in these lists are not all banned, but they are all at least being watched. This does not mean we follow them around, but rather we're careful and if we get complaints, we weight their past. When adding a user, put their name in bold, describe the infraction and any actions, if any, that should be taken.

This documentation is public because we see no reason to hide behind closed doors. This is not a secret police station, if we're concerned with you, we tell you, then list it here.

The three categories for users are On Notice, Dead To Us, Never Existed To Us.

On Notice is used for users who may or may not abuse, we are not sure yet, but we need them to be watched carefully. Compalints against them may lead to their being banned depending on the instructions.

Dead To Us is a middle category, it contains many users who are perm banned, and some who we tolerate though we know they break rules. Follow the directions here, it's used primarily for users which we are gathering evidence on prior to a ban, or for users who we do not want to agressively fight due to the consequences.

Never Existed To Us is the worst category of all. These users are considered extremely dangerous to ECNet, and as such are generally all banned upon contact. Follow the directions and read their infractions. No one should be promoted to this level without consulting the other staff members, for this level is reserved only for the most infamous criminals of the network.

Banned Clients and Scripts

If a registured user is found using one of thses scrips (maybe to learn or play around), /kill them with a warning in your kill reason. If, a non-registured or unknow troublemaker uses them, gline them for 30 days.

MuErTe ScRiPt - Spanish script designed for terrorizing IRC network with Bots, Floods, and Clones.
BioHazard Script - Same as above. Different Author.

Banned Users List

On Notice

PokerKid - Reported as sending lewd and obscene content, if you find evidence of him evading /ignores, G:line is authorized.

Dead To Us

Runedude - Ignore, ban, silence, G:line evader. If you see him do not hesitate to G:line. May try to manipulate opers to his side. Social Engineer. (Reference 'The Art of Deception' by Kevin Mitnick)

Seba - Displaying links to child pornography. - Beware, another user from .ar uses this nickname now. Do not ban him or her.

Never Existed To Us

Mtirv - Botfloods, DDoS Threats, Harassment, Ban Evasion, G:line Evasion, Threatning Network Staff Members, Lying To Staff. G:line on contact, considered extremely volatile, do not attempt to speak to.
Maikeru/Mjirv - Botfloods, DDoS Threats, Harassment, Ban Evasion, G:line Evasion, Threatning Network Staff Members, Lying To Staff. This one is extremely charismatic and much more talented, he's brothers with Mtirv. Do not attempt to contact, G:line upon sight.
HULTOR_ - Compulsive flooder and plauge to #mipoio. Uses BioHazard Script to generate CloneX flooders.