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User modes

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Network operators only

Set by the operator

Only a network operator can set or unset these modes on themselves. Not all network operators can set and unset these modes.

Mode Effect
g Can read and send global operator notices and local operator notices (/globops and /locops)
h Places a line on their /whois saying they're avaliable for help, and allows the operator to see /helpop notices.
q Prevents the operator from being kicked by anyone except the server. Can only be used by network operators with admin access.
v Lets the operator see DCC Send Rejection notices that may be sent maliciously.
H Hides operator status, so that the operator looks like a regular user.
W Allows an operator to see people who use the /whois command on them.

Set by the server

These modes are set on the operators by the server, but can usually be taken off by the operator.

Mode Effect
a Marks the user as a services administrator.
o Marks the user as a global operator.
A Marks the user as a server administrator.
C Marks the user as a co-administrator.
N Marks the user as a network administrator.
O Marks the user as a local operator.
S Gives protection to channel services.