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About VHosts

VHosts or Virtual Hosts are artificial hostnames that don't really exist. Generally, users have a cloaked IP address or hostname associated with them when they sign onto IRC, you'll see this when they join a channel as the part after the @ sign (Heero ( We cloak the IP or hostname so that no one can locate your exact location. However, there are reasons that this may not suffice. Perhaps for some reason, perhaps just for fun, you want to change your hostname to something else. This is called a VHost.

VHosts are assigned to IRCops and special classes of users automatically, however most users must request one in &ECNet. To request a VHost, just enter the channel and state you'd like to talk to someone about a VHost, an operator will contact you as soon as possible. Before requesting you'll need to make sure your nickname as registered, as VHosts are tied to NickServ registrations. If you are unsure how to register your nick, visit NickServ. Providing your VHost request is reasonable and is approved, your VHost will be attached to your nickname via HostServ. Once this is done, you may use HostServ to turn it on or off. For more information about using HostServ once your VHost has been granted, see the appropriate page.

ECNet VHost Policy

We grant VHosts purely as a courtesy to our users, and they are a privilege not a right. We may revoke your VHost at any time for any reason. Please realize these reasons may have to do with maintenance, changes in our policies, your actions, or any other number of things. Generally VHost requests will be granted as long as the user has no history of abuse on the network and the requested VHost is not obscene, however this may not always be the case. Even if you do have a history of abuse on the network, feel free to ask, and we can discuss it.